Smokey Citrine Cathedral Extra Large


This commanding extra large Smokey/Citrine Cathedral combines the grounding energy of Smokey Quartz and the abundance and joy of Citrine. This combination is a wonderful support to manifestation as well as clearing negativity in a space. It is extra large in size and the highly sought after formation of a cathedral, adding special qualities, making it a very powerful and very special crystal, unique in size, shape, and colour!

Grounding • Protection • Abundance • Manifestation • Willpower • Oneness • Universal Truth

Cathedrals get their name as they naturally grow in a castle-like formation with flying buttresses. Cathedrals are crystalline temples of light and bring this quality to any space they inhabit, they connect with the energy of Oneness, Light Library and Universal Truth.

L 21 cm 
H 52 cm       
W 15 cm