Jade Swans


Intricate, graceful swans hand carved from Jade, represent good luck in love and relationships. Swans mate for life so a pair are a favoured symbol for harmony and loyalty in partnerships and marriage.  A perfect marriage gift for a couple to have in their bedroom or living room. Swans are also symbols of grace, beauty, purity, elegance, tranquility, and balance, adding these qualities to your home.

Abundance • Health • Luck

Jade is a stone of prosperity and health. It it also a stone of the dream realms, it assists with dream-solving resolutions at the subconscious levels of self. Helps to realise one's dreams and aligning to what is important.

These come as a set. Dimensions below are for one.

L 12.5 cm
W 6 cm
H 16.5 cm

622g + 746g

Siberia, China