Samadhi Quartz Cluster Clear Extra Large


At over 18,000 ft above sea level, Himalayan glacial rock crystal is among the most rare of the crystalline kingdom. A huge cluster in perfect formation, many perfectly formed crystals have emerged solid in their matrix speckled with crystalline glitter. Hand mined in India, as if offered from Mother Earth herself.

SAMADHI Quartz is a crystal of unity, love and higher consciousness. Displaying perfection in formation, stunning clarity and symmetry, this is one of the most elegant clusters we have ever come across. Perfect for a meditation space, home or retreat space to bring about higher states of consciousness in meditation, this crystal helps us to experience the peace and beauty in unity and form, the magic of creation, and the divine flow of nature and oneness within the self and with all those we share our world with. A powerful piece for meditation and divine flow.

One of a kind collectors museum grade cluster crystal, extra large in size. Currently on display at QUARTZ Gallery, Byron Bay.

Over 40+ kg

Himalayas, India.