Aqua Aura and Quartz Bracelet


Aqua Aura round beads with Clear Quartz rondel bracelet.

Aqua Aura is a fusion crystal of pure gold bonded to clear quartz. This beautiful magical blue encourages fulfilment of one's highest potential, releases stress while cleansing and protecting the auric field.

All of our gemstone bracelets consist of the highest quality gemstones, they are all natural stone. We are proud of the quality and workmanship that goes into each bracelet so that they may be worn with ease and confidence. We use the strongest elastic available and the last bead on every bracelet is dremiled so that extra knots can be incorporated and then hidden from view.

Kristy has been selling these gemstone bracelets for many years now and sells them with confidence. We look forward to them being worn with love and appreciation as they are a high calibre product, aesthetically and energetically of the purest vibrations.

Bead size 

Aqua Aura 8 mm

Clear Quartz 6 mm