Agate and Druzy Quartz Unicorn


Enchanting Agate and Druzy Quartz Crystal Unicorn hand carved by specialised lapidary artist. 

Intellect • Protection • Energy • Clarity • Manifestation • Magic

The Unicorn Spirit enhances our belief and trust in a magical world where our dreams take form, this Spirit reminds us to expect miracles!

Agate is said to enhance creativity and attention to detail, bringing beauty, tranquility and enjoyment into a space, and Druzy Quartz with its calming and soothing effect can relieve stress from the mind, dispels negative energy and cleanses the aura. It amplifies clear, creative, and pragmatic thinking.

Comes with stand, measurements are of the crystal only (not stand).

H 11cm

W 10.3cm

D 2.3cm