Natural Citrine Isis Pendant


Incredibly clear Natural Citrine with double termination set in sterling silver Isis frame, a powerful force to awaken and bring to light abundance and joy within. 

Abundance • Manifestation • Willpower

Natural unradiated Citrine holds the beautiful uplifting vibrations of joyful abundance, bringing new energy to a burdened or depleted self to find the fun in all the moments, bring about new opportunities and see the world with new light and a happy attitude. Attune to the Citrine crystal to enhance your creative energy, instil mental clarity, and empower your will, direction, and potency of manifestation. Strengthen your inner confidence, and renew your sense of self-worth while working with this precious Citrine crystal.

Double terminated crystals have one point at each end, enabling the flow of energy to be directed through the crystal in both directions. It is great for wearing, keeping the energy field cleansed, centred and empowered.