A curation of the world’s most exceptional crystals, for discerning collectors of earthly art.

      Open 11-5 Tuesday to Saturday.

Private viewings available upon on request.

Check instagram @thecosmiccollectiongallery for closure due to events.

For more than a decade, Kristy Meade has been sourcing the finest crystals from responsible suppliers around the world. Now, she's ready to share her unrivalled personal collection, on display in an innovative and atmospheric new gallery space in the heart of Byron Bay.

The Cosmic Collection at Quartz is a destination for mineral collectors, interior designers, home owners, hotel owners, photographers and crystal-lovers of all kinds looking for powerful, statement crystals and crystal art.

Visit Quartz upstairs at Mercato to experience the full majesty of hand selected crystals of all sizes, equally exceptional in their rarity, beauty, and energetic vibrancy. 

Crystal consultancy to help you choose your perfect piece is available upon request. 

Visit the Quartz website for opening hours, which change weekly.